Welcome Packet For New Kindergarten Parents

This packet contains some helpful tips about how to get ready for your child to enter school. You can print the full packet for free on Teachers Pay Teachers.

The “First Day of Kindergarten Checklist” includes practical things you should do to be ready, like get important dates on your calendar, schedule a haircut, and introduce your child to the school playground.

The “Healthy Snack Ideas” list can help make sure your kids have energy to get through their day!

The “Parent Reward Chart” is a great reminder to take care of your kids and yourself through stressful times as everyone adjusts to school.

The “Who is Parent/Guardian #1” sheet is a super helpful tip for handling all the communication that comes from the school. There’s more on this topic in this blog post.

The “Instead of How Was Your Day?” list offers some creative ways to get your kids talking about their day and hopefully avoid the favorite response of “Fine”. You can print this list and tape it to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door and pick one or two right before you sit down to dinner.

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