New Bundle: Clipboard, Pen, and One Activity

I made a new bundle so you can get the clipboard, pen, and one activity for $9.95. This little bundle can be used with any of The Trip Clip activities, but here are a few that are especially geared towards working well with the clipboard and pen:

$9.95: Grocery shopping with kids is so much easier if you give them a picture list of their own! The kid-sized clipboard and attached pen are perfect for carrying the list to the store. You may be surprised how much your kids can actually help.

If you want additional ways to keep kids entertained at the grocery store, try this free packet of grocery activities that also work great with The Trip Clip clipboard and pen.

$9.95: The morning routine is a great way to put your kids in charge of themselves in the morning. Keep it simple for young kids, but you can add on over time as they get older because the list is fully customizable. You can even include reminders for things that are only needed on certain days of the week (library books, PE shoes, water bottle, etc).

Moving the mental load of remembering all the things that need doing onto a picture list (and onto your kids) is incredibly freeing. You also won’t have to nag constantly because the list will do it for you. And you really will (eventually) be able to drink your coffee while it’s still hot.

$9.95: Road trip BINGO helps the miles go by faster and can be fun for the whole family! The clipboard and pen make it super portable and offers great unplugged entertainment. You can print different BINGO boards for each player and see who can get a BINGO first, or you can all work together to black out the whole board. In addition to road trip BINGO, you’ll find airport BINGO, alphabet BINGO, road sign BINGO, restaurant BINGO, and lots of other ways to create BINGO boards to keep your kids entertained on your next trip.

$9.95: A bedtime routine is super comforting and settling for kids, and can make a big difference in getting them down to sleep in a timely manner. You can make your own routine that suits your family, and the clipboard and pen make it easily portable. If you don’t want to print a new one out every night, try laminating the list and using it with a dry erase marker.

$9.95 After school screen time rules are an excellent way to set expectations and help kids learn to balance the things they have to do and the things they want to do. Whether you use this list as is, or edit it (like I did) to allow a short period of screen time for unwinding before jumping in on the to do list, this can work wonders for making sure your kids tackle but the fun stuff and the work.

$9.95: The license plate game is a gold standard for entertainment on long road trips – or even just on errands around town! Keep the clipboard and pen in the car and you can easily mark it down whenever you see a new state. The map helps teach geography too, and includes both the US and Canada!

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