Get Kids Moving: Fitness BINGO & Fitness Tracking

Get kids moving with these fitness challenge printables!

Use the bingo board to introduce kids to ways to move that might be new to them, and encourage them to keep an open mind and find out what they like. Research shows that finding a physical activity that you truly enjoy will make a huge difference in keeping with it throughout your life. Ideas for how to challenge kids with Fitness BINGO:

  • Aim for 5 in a row in one week
  • Try for a black out in a month
  • See how many a kid can do in one month, then beat it the next month
  • Make it a family affair and do these activities together

The Fitness Challenge lets kids keep track of their activities for a month to see how many times they do each of these things. Tracking activity is shown to be helpful in encouraging it! You can also have them track their activity one week, then set a goal for how the will match it or increase it the next week.

If you need to make any changes, you can edit these activities to make them just right for your kids on The Trip Clip website.

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