Make Any BINGO Board

BINGO is a fun game, and an incredible learning tool. From travel bingo, to chores bingo, to spelling bingo, you can make any kind of bingo board you need with The Trip Clip.

There are many different ways you can play bingo. Whether you’re aiming for 5 in a row, blacking out the whole board, working with others, or competing for the win, you can adapt this game to play it however you want. Check out all my ideas for ways to play.

1000+ Images on Many Themes

One of the great things about The Trip Clip’s Bingo Activity is the huge collection of images you can choose from. Here are example of the kinds of BINGO boards you can make:

Travel: Airport Bingo, Airplane Bingo, Road Trip Bingo, Car Bingo, Errands Bingo, Road Sign Bingo, Restaurant Bingo

Life Skills: Chores Bingo, Grocery Shopping Bingo, Walk To School Bingo, Fitness Bingo

Sports: Basketball Bingo, Baseball Bingo, Football Bingo, Soccer Bingo

Educational: Reading Bingo, Alphabet Bingo, Spelling List Bingo, Bingo boards in any language

You can see and try free samples of each of these on The Trip Clip website.

There is a collection of images around each of these themes, as well as the ability to use images from all of these collection to make any custom bingo board you want. There are also a bunch of features available to let you truly customize your boards any way you want. You can:

  • Generate random boards on a specific theme
  • Change the picture on any individual square
  • Write your own text underneath any picture, in any language!
  • Shuffle the 25 squares once you’ve chosen the ones you want (great for making multiple versions of the same board for each kid in the car, or in a classroom)
  • Upload your own pictures to create a truly unique bingo board
  • Create as many Bingo boards as you want and save them in your account to use them again

Print It Or Use it on a Phone or iPad

Any Bingo board you create can be printed or used on a mobile device. The printed bingo boards print on a half sheet of paper, perfect for a small, kid-sized clipboard. You can also use them interactively on a phone, iPad, or any mobile device. Just log into your account at from your phone, navigate to the Bingo activity, choose a Bingo board from your account, or make a new one right from your phone!

The Trip Clip’s Bingo Activity is a rich source of fun and learning for kids, and it has a ton of potential for creative parents and teachers. If you make an interesting Bingo board, send it to me at and I will feature it in my social media!

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