Helping Ukrainians

A customer in Spain emailed me asking if she could use her account with The Trip Clip to make some flash cards for Ukrainian children who are starting to show up at their local school. I’m thrilled that The Trip Clip can help these refugees and was excited to see what Nancy from Spain created!

Here is the message Nancy sent to me:

“My name is Nancy. I am a Canadian mum living in Mallorca, Spain. Before having my children, I was an occupational therapist. I first used pictos in therapy with some of my little clients. I discovered yours later on, and have used them with my children. It has been a life changing experience with these two little monsters!

Over the last week or so, we have seen a growing number of Ukrainian families, mainly mothers with children, arriving on the island, fleeing war. Some of the children are already starting school. I felt a lot for the poor children, and the poor mothers, sending their children in a new school, with no friends, and not knowing a word of the language. What if he/she needs to pee and can’t ask? What if he/she is hungry? What if the teacher is trying to ask her how she feels?

I thought flash cards or a communication board could be very helpful for these children, their families, their new classmates and their teachers. A group of mothers and I have been given 50 backpacks that we are getting ready for these children, with pencils, glue, books, etc. I would like to attach one pack of flash cards to each backpack.

So long story short, the aim of this message is to ask for your permission to use some of your pictograms to make the flash cards and comm boards. They are fun, beautiful and clear. I think they would be ideal for the job!”

After getting my permission, Nancy used the Custom List activity with the “Big Picture Clips” setting for her pictures, and she added text underneath each in both Spanish and Ukrainian by using Google translate. She printed and laminated her PDFs, and her kids helped her turn them into flash cards and put them on rings.

I never fail to be impressed by the creative ways my customers use The Trip Clip! Thank you Nancy, for all the work you did to help these children!

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