44 Crossword Puzzles With First Letter Missing: Fun Letter Sound Practice

Crossword puzzles with the first letter missing are a fun way for kids to practice first letter sounds. Kids can learn about how to match the clues to the location in the puzzle, identify the picture, and then identify the first letter sound to write into the empty box.

You can buy a PDF of all 44 puzzles on Teachers Pay Teachers, or buy the Crossword Puzzle activity at The Trip Clip.

You can also give this a try for free to decide if you like it!

Games are a wonderful way to help kids learn and have fun at the same time. This activity works great in a classroom setting. You can give each child their own copy of the puzzle, and then work together to identify what the picture is and figure out the first letter sound. Each of the 44 puzzles prints on a half sheet of paper. There are many different themes to choose from so you can pick the puzzles that your kids relate to the best.

If your kids are ready for something a little harder, you can use the Picture Clue crossword puzzles for some spelling practice, or try the word clues puzzles that are perfect for kids.

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