Letter Tracing: 26 Upper and Lower Case Letters + 10 Numbers

These letter tracing pages from The Trip Clip let kids practice writing all of their letters and numbers, while also practicing first letter sounds with some fun coloring pictures.

There are a few different ways to use these:

Get a pre-made packet

I created a packet of all 26 letters (upper and lower case) and the numbers 0-9 that you can buy on Teachers Pay Teachers. No account is needed on The Trip Clip website to get this packet.

Make Your Own Packet

You can also make your own letter tracing workbook if you purchase the letter tracing activity from The Trip Clip. This activity makes it easy to make your own customized workbook based on your child’s abilities.

Follow these steps to make an alphabet or numbers workbook of your own with some customized settings:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to the letter tracing activity
  3. Make a selection on the left to choose upper case, lower case, both, or numbers
  4. Choose what size letters you want. You can choose 1-inch, 3/4-inch, or 1/2-inch letters depending on your is ready for
  5. Click the blue ‘PRINT BOOK’ button
  7. On the Print Queue page, review your pages to make sure they’re what you want, and click Print to create your custom PDF

You can also print off individual pages to focus on certain letters or numbers based on what your child needs to practice. You can make the letters and numbers bigger or smaller here too:

Write Custom Words

The most useful thing the letter tracing activity from The Trip Clip offers is the ability for you to you enter your own text, so you can have your child practice writing meaningful words and phrases. This helps them begin to see how letters fit together to form words they care about. I recommend having them trace their name, your phone number (a great way to help them start to memorize it), a thank you note, or even a grocery list you can then take to the store!

This feature also lets you write in other languages, as long as they use roman characters. You can use this if English isn’t your native language, or if you want to help your kids learn a new language.

Add a Clipboard and Pen

For all of these options, the half-sheet printed pages are designed to work on a kid-sized clipboard. The board adds some fun to the letter tracing, and also makes the activities super portable. You can take them with you when you travel, or even just on trips around town. Having kids trace the grocery list helps them with their handwriting practice, spelling, and the important life skill of shopping for food, all at the same time!

Give your kids their own grocery list, and throw in a little handwriting practice too! So much good learning to be done at the grocery store!

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