3rd Grade Spelling, Weeks 1-36: Letter tracing & word searches for each week

This packet includes a full spelling curriculum for 3rd grade.

  • 36 weeks of 3rd grade spelling words, 16 words each week
  • A worksheet for each week allowing the kids to trace the words. The traceable spelling words help ensure kids are writing the words correctly. There is also enough room for the kids to write each word a second time on their own.
  • A word search puzzle containing all 16 words, giving the kids more exposure to the 16 words as they search out the letters in the puzzle. The 15×15 puzzles are just the right difficult for 3rd grade students so they will be successful without getting frustrated.

Each sheet can be cut in half to make 4 half sheet pages for each student. They are designed to fit on a memo-sized clipboard (6×9).

I sell the ready to print bundle that includes 36 weeks (72 pages printed out) to last an entire school year at Teachers Pay Teachers.

The printables were created using the spelling list curriculum from k12reader.com.

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