A Zoom Thanksgiving w/ Scavenger Hunt

My family has made the difficult decision to not gather for Thanksgiving this year. With virus counts increasing everywhere, and elderly, at risk relatives in the mix, we’ve decided we will do our best to find ways to celebrate virtually.

Our plan is to gather via Zoom not for a full meal, but just for dessert. To make it feel a little more celebratory, we’re going to kick off the full holiday seasons with a Secret Turkey gift exchange. We’ll each get assigned a person to get a small gift for which we’ll order online and have them delivered straight to the recipient to be opened on the zoom call Thanksgiving Day.

I also had the idea of having a Scavenger Hunt. We haven’t tried this yet, but here’s the plan:

We will divide up into teams of 2, preferably matching up teams so that no 2 people are in the same household, though they will each need to have their own device to connect with their partner via a phone call, Face Time, or some other app.

One person won’t play but will instead run the game and be the judge.

At the same time, the judge will give every player the list of things to find around their house. You can send them the link so they can print it out, or they can use the list online via a mobile phone using the The Trip Clip website. You can print this list here for free.

With an account on The Trip Clip website you can edit this list to customize it for your family. If you have trouble coming up with ideas you like, use the Bingo Board activity to refresh a Custom Bingo Board with random pictures, and then put those pictures on your Scavenger hunt list. Your family members can get creative to find something to match the picture, whatever it may be!

When the Judge says “Go”, each team should make a plan for finding the items on their list between their two households. When they find an item, and show it to their partner to make sure they agree, they should take a picture of it with their phone and then text that picture to the Judge.

The Judge should have multiple printouts of the scavenger hunt printed out and ready to record when they receive a picture from a team.

The first team to prove to the judge that they have found every item on the list wins! Or you can have a time limit, and the team that has found the most things within the time limit wins. The prize can be something simple like a gift card delivered electronically in email. Or just bragging rights!

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