2 Back to School Lists

Here are 2 back to school lists that are great for kids who need to be able to see and feel their progress through their list.

The morning routine list is magnetic – you can hang it on your fridge or on a cookie sheet.  You can also make this as a hook and loop list if you prefer.  It’s fully customizable so you can choose your pictures and write your own text:

Make your checklist magnetic. You can buy pre-printed magnets, or go to www.thetripclip.com and print your own!

The school schedule is hook and loop so it can be easily carried from room to room, but you can make it magnetic too if you prefer! Like the morning routine list, you can choose your own pictures and write your own text.

My kids are doing online school only, and our district has set it up so they half their classes on Mon/Thurs, and the other half on Tues/Fri:


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