Customer Spotlight: Homework Tracker

Heidi from Virginia contacted me last week to show me the homework tracker she created for her daughter.  Heidi has been a customer for many years, and has sent me a lot of good suggestions over the years. I thought this homework tracker was a very creative way to use The Trip Clip® and thought others might find it helpful too.


Here are Heidi’s words about what she created:

“I have been a member for YEARS now…. started when my ADHD/Autistic/gifted boy was young, and now he’s old, and now using this with my ADHD/Autistic/Gifted girl to try to get her homework in order.  [This] is a listing of my daughters ODD day and EVEN day schedules, with a space under each subject for her to write her homework in. Going to try this instead of the agenda the school gave her…. it may be less overwhelming.”

— Heidi

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