Free List: School Day Checklist

Kids with Anxiety, ADHD, and Autism can find it very comforting and helpful to have a clear checklist telling them what is coming next. This picture checklist from The Trip Clip® makes sure they know what the expectations are when they arrive at school in the morning, and can help them stay focused and on track.

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This list can help special needs kids remember what they need to do when they arrive at school each day. These kind of detailed picture checklists are a great way to help kids stay independent but still do all the things that are expected of them.

There are lots of different ways you can use this depending on your child’s needs:

  • You can print this list and hang it inside a locker or cubby as a visual reminder for your child.
  • You can laminate it and use it with a dry erase marker.  I like these markers that are small and have an eraser built in.
  • You can also use The Trip Clip® to easily turn this into a VELCRO list with moving parts, and the ability to change the pictures and text as needed for different days of the week, or for special days that have an altered schedule (assemblies, art lesson days, substitute teachers, etc).

Click here to buy the School Schedule checklist maker.

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