Make a VELCRO Picture Checklist for $15

Here’s how you can make this cute and super useful VELCRO picture checklist for just $15.

Make your own velcro picture checklist with The Trip Clip.



Go to, and buy The Magnetic Checklist Activity from The Trip Clip. ($5)
twoMake your checklist magnetic. You can buy pre-printed magnets, or go to and print your own!Once you have an account on the website, click Activities in the menu bar, and go to the Magnetic Checklist Activity.
threeMake your own picture checklist for your childPrint your To Do / Done Board by clicking the To Do / Done radio button under Print Settings on the left side of the screen. You’ll be able to put your child’s name at the top of the board and choose the color for the name before you print.
fourscissorsTrim your To Do / Done board to 10 in x 7.5 in.
fiveself-adhesive-laminating Laminate your To Do / Done Board with a laminating machine  ($34), or with these self-adhesive laminating sheets.  ($7)
sixMake your own magnetic picture checklist for kids.Go back to the Magnetic Checklist Activity and this time select “Magnet Stamps” under Print Settings. Choose your pictures and edit the text however you like.
sevenPrint, laminate, and cut apart your custom stamps.

eightvelcro-dotsApply VELCRO dots to your To Do / Done Board and your Magnet stamps.  The ones I recommend here are just the right size/sticky-ness to work well with a VELCRO board ($3).

nineMake your own velcro picture checklist with The Trip Clip.Hang up your To Do / Done Board anywhere you like and you’re ready to go!

3 responses to “Make a VELCRO Picture Checklist for $15”

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