Travel BINGO for Every Occasion

BINGO boards are a great way to keep the family entertained when you’re traveling. With The Trip Clip, you can print an unlimited number of boards for a whole slew of different occasions. Print different boards so your family can compete, or print the same board for everyone and work together to find them all!


The Trip Clip offers 12 different kinds of Bingo Boards, including ones for road trips, airplane rides, going to a restaurant, and more. For each of these, there are 100s of images to choose from, and you can generate a new board with a single click of the refresh button.

You can also use The Trip Clip’s great drag and drop abilities to create exactly the BINGO board you want. This is especially handy if you’re traveling with younger children who might not recognize all the pictures, or will get frustrated if some of them are too hard. You can easily remove the pictures you don’t want to use and substitute ones that are just right for your kids.

This works the other way too – you can create boards that are much harder to give older kids more of a challenge. I like this road sign bingo board for older kids on road trips. It turned into a great way to help our (gasp!) new teenager start to learn more about the rules of the road.

This is a fun twist on travel bingo, and great for older kids. See how many of these road signs you can find on your next trip!

There are other great ways to use the BINGO board as a learning tool. Here is an Airport BINGO board I created, along with a blog post about how to make your next trip to the airport educational.

Airport Bingo with Clipboard and Pen

And if you don’t see exactly the BINGO board you need, The Trip Clip also lets you create a custom BINGO board from scratch.  There are more than 700 images to choose from to create any kind of BINGO board you want.

I used this tool to create a BINGO board for Walk to School week for my kids’ school and it was a huge hit.

Encourage your kids to walk to school with this Bingo Board. It's great for health, concentration, traffic, and the environment!

If you create a great custom BINGO board tell me out about it in the comments below, or email me at


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