Teach a Kid To Clean Any Room – Just 8 Steps!

Kids hate to clean. Telling my kids that we need to do some cleaning is sure to result in immediate arguments and excuses and attempts to get out of it. And I can’t really blame them.  I hate cleaning too.

I have learned, though, that at least SOME of the hatred of cleaning comes from feeling like the chore is overwhelming and never ending. And after stopping to talk to my kids about why this is, it turns out that they don’t have a good idea of what I mean when I tell them we need to clean. To them, it just seems like an unlimited number of chores that they can’t predict and it just goes on and on with no end in sight.

Enter the Cleaning Checklists!

Print these cleaning checklists to teach your kid how to clean any room in the house. You can also edit them to make them just right for your family!

I created these lists to help my kids know exactly what I mean when I ask them to clean a room. They still don’t really want to do the chores, but the grumbling lessens when they can at least see there is a beginning and an end to the jobs expected of them.

To makes these easy to use, I’ve made them available in a number of different ways.



2 thoughts on “Teach a Kid To Clean Any Room – Just 8 Steps!

  1. Most checklist I’ve seen seem far from what my house requires daily. This check list is absolutely awesome! It’s spot on! Thank you for creating a checklist that meets my daily reality!

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