VELCRO To Do List For Kids

Occasionally I hear from customers who have used The Trip Clip® in new and creative ways. Traci from Colorado turned her list into a VELCRO list for kids on the Autism spectrum. The great thing about a VELCRO list is that the boards can be carried anywhere, they can be used at school as well as at home.

The Trip Clip can be used to make a visual VELCRO checklist for kids with special needs.

“I know your product was not originally intended for special needs kids, but I just want to say how much I love having it at my fingertips for use with children that are on the Autism spectrum. I’ve made many visual schedules/checklists by slightly modifying your product from its original intended use.

I used the weekly chore chart option to print all the pictures I needed for [my daughter’s] daily schedule, but I wanted movable pieces. Once I printed, I cut the pictures apart to make individual pieces, laminated them, and attached them with velcro. Many of the pieces I used the custom feature to make them more specific.”

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