Week 50: Learning Life Skills With a Bedtime Routine

I really love all of those hidden ways there are to teach my kids something when they don’t even know they’re learning. Finding learning opportunities in everyday things is a big part of why I created The Trip Clip.

Week 50: Learning Life Skills With a Bedtime Routine

A consistent bedtime routine can make a huge difference for a kid.

  • It helps them get to bed on time and get enough sleep
  • It’s a chance to connect with your child and nurture your relationship with them
  • Repetition helps a child feel safe
  • It helps them learn to settle themselves after a busy day

Easily create a customized bedtime routine checklist. Consistency at bedtime can make it smoother and more calming for everyone.


Your bedtime routine can include anything you want it to. The Trip Clip Bedtime Routine creator lets you easily create a bedtime routine that’s just right for your family. Post it someplace in your home to make it easier to stay consistent.

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