Week 49: A Travel Christmas Gift for YOU!

I really love all of those hidden ways there are to teach my kids something when they don’t even know they’re learning. Finding learning opportunities in everyday things is a big part of why I created The Trip Clip.

Week 49: A Travel Christmas Gift for YOU!

I love Christmas. Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, Christmas music, Christmas cookies, Christmas movies, Christmas puzzles, Christmas spirit. I drive my husband nuts.

Since I’m in the giving spirit, I have a Christmas present for all of my followers! I know many people will be traveling, so I’ve created a PDF filled with Christmas activities to keep your kids busy in the car, on an airplane, or even at grandma’s house.

Go ahead – click it, print it, use it for FREE!


Quickly Create Your Own

To create this PDF super fast, I used the Make an Activity Book feature on The Trip Clip website. You can quickly select which activities you want to include in your printed book and with a simple click, the website will generate an Activity Book based on your selections.

With The Trip Clip you can quickly print an Activity Book to entertain your kids on your next trip.

They’re Educational!

In keeping with the theme of 52 Weeks of Learning with The Trip Clip, here are links back to how each of these activities is educational:

Learning While Traveling – BINGO!

Learning Reading & Writing With the Alphabet Game

Practice Spelling With a Picture Crossword Puzzle

Practice Spelling With a Word Search Puzzle

Practice Writing – Write a Book!

Learn Spelling From Hangman

Learning Math With Sudoku

Practice Problem Solving With Mazes

Learning Through Drawing

Learning Math With the Battleship Game

Learning Math & Science With the Slug Bug Challenge

Learning Problem Solving With Secret Message Puzzles

Use It On the Go

To make these extra portable, try them with a clipboard and pen

This cute, half-size clipboard comes in blue, red, yellow and green. Use it with The Trip Clip's printable activities for fun on the go!

Merry Christmas, safe travels, and I hope your family enjoys these free printables!

FREE printable activities to keep your kids busy on the plane, in the car, or even just at grandma's house!





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