Week 43: Practice Writing at the Grocery Store

I really love all of those hidden ways there are to teach my kids something when they don’t even know they’re learning. Finding learning opportunities in everyday things is a big part of why I created The Trip Clip.

Week 43: Practice Writing at the Grocery Store

I have one of those kids who hates doing worksheets just for the sake of doing worksheets. He really wants it to mean something. So I tried to give him practice with real world experiences whenever possible, like with this Letter Tracing Grocery List:

A grocery list and handwriting practice all in one! Combine it with a kid-sized clipboard from www.thetripclip.com for great entertainment at the grocery store.


You can make a short version of your list for your kids, and use it with The Trip Clip Clipboard and Pen to make it easy to bring the activity to the grocery store.  Your kids can “write” the grocery list, and tell you what to buy at the same time. After watching you write your grocery list for years, you may be surprised by how important it makes them feel to be able to write  the list themselves.

If you want to add more learning in, you can also use the Write a Story activity to print a blank writing page. Then ask your child to find and write down the price of each item on their list.  You can even have older kids add up the total cost of the items on their list.

There is no shortage of ways to make a trip to the grocery store educational. Check out this blog post I wrote if you want more ideas for how to make grocery shopping with your kids educational – and fun!

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