Week 31: Learning Life Skills with School Supply Shopping

For 2016, each week I will share a new way you can use The Trip Clip as a learning tool. I’d love to hear any feedback you have, or other ways you’ve found to teach your kids using The Trip Clip!

Week 31: Learning Life Skills with School Supply Shopping

I’ve always loved school supply shopping – even as a kid.  I love it in a whole different way as an adult :). There is something wonderful in all the potential stored up in those fresh crayons and clean sheets of paper.

I always take my kids to do their own shopping.  They are surprisingly excited about it. Although they complain some about it being the signal that summer is ending, they really do love to choose their folders and their pencil cases.  To help them stay engaged and excited, I let them have the list and walk through it themselves so that they can really feel ownership.

For younger kids, a picture list can really help them to do this and take charge of their school supply shopping.

Empower your kids with this school supplies checklist. Younger kids will love being in charge of finding all their own supplies at the store!


There are many things kids can learn even before school starts by participating in their school supply shopping:

  • Frugality: When you make your Trip Clip Packing List, take the opportunity to go through last year’s supplies and figure out which things truly need to be replaced.  My kids usually want to have all new everything, but it’s a good lesson for them to learn about which items are still in good enough shape to use for another year and save you a little money.
  • Wants vs. Needs: Along with frugality, this is a good opportunity to help kids distinguish between things they really want, and things they really need.  Work together to figure out how many “wants” should be purchased this year.
  • Prices: There are lots of opportunities to look at different brands, compare prices, and talk about when it’s worth it to pay more for a name brand, and when it’s not!  My opinion: it’s definitely worth it to get the Crayola crayons and markers!
  • Following directions: School supply lists are often very specific. You can use it as an opportunity to help your kids read each line item thoroughly and make sure they they’re not skipping important details.
  • Reading:For younger kids, a school supply shopping list can be a great opportunity for some reading practice.

Try a school supply shopping list with your kids this year, and see if they like being in charge!

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