Employment For All Advocacy Day is March 2nd

March 2nd is Employment For All Advocacy Day in Washington State, and today The Trip Clip hired a supported employee!  I hired my niece, who has autism, to do some image editing for The Trip Clip.


Gaby was extremely focused and capable, and I plan to have her do more work for The Trip Clip in the future. Gaby definitely has some limitations. She needs visual supports (notice the binder with instructions, and the velcro task sequencing chart standing near the binder), she does not like getting told what to do when learning a new task, and she has trouble asking for help when something doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. But once she learned what the task was, she fixed the aspect ratio on 112 images for me in about an hour and a half. She was fast, focused, and very careful and accurate with her work.

Gaby is lucky to be connected with PROVAIL, an organization that helps people with special needs find paid employment that is valuable to both them and their employer. Gaby was assigned a job coach, and her job coach came along today to learn more about how Gaby works, what her skills are, and what kinds of supports she needs in a work environment. Her job coach will work to match Gaby’s skills with a company that is willing to work with a supported employee who has  Gaby’s skill set and will offer a compatible working environment for her. A job coach is just one of the many services PROVAIL offers.

Take a look at the work PROVAIL is doing to help Microsoft hire people with Autism.

Everyone has the right to live, work, and play in their local community. Having a job means that individuals with disabilities can be productive citizens, contributing to our economy by paying taxes while providing valued services.

Does your place of work have jobs that can be done by someone with special needs?  You might be surprised by how much it can help both of you.

Gaby’s next task for The Trip Clip will be to print out and then cut apart magnet sheets into individual magnets. Then she’ll package the magnets into labeled, plastic wrapped bundles that I can sell to customers who want to make a magnetic morning checklist, afternoon checklist, bedtime routine, or chore chart.

I’m looking forward to finding out how much more Gaby can do!






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