Week 4: Spelling Practice

For 2016, each week I will share a new way you can use The Trip Clip as a learning tool. I’d love to hear any feedback you have, or other ways you’ve found to teach your kids using The Trip Clip!

Week 4: Practice Spelling Words with a Word Search Puzzle

Make spelling practice fun by creating a custom Word Search Puzzle. It’s a great way to have your kids spend some time with their spelling words without just testing them over and over.

Word Search Spelling Practice All Grade Levels


The great thing about The Trip Clip is that you can fully customize the puzzle for your child’s age.

1st Grade Spelling Words

This list of first grade spelling words is in a small, 7 x 7 grid, with no diagonal or backwards words.

 First grade word search spelling practice

2nd Grade Spelling Words

For second grade spelling words, the grid can be a larger 9×9, still with no diagonal words.


3rd Grade Spelling Words

The third grade words will fit more words in a bigger, 11 x 11 grid, and can include diagonal words.

 Third grade word search spelling practice

4th and 5th Grade Spelling Words

Try a 15 x 15 grid for those longer, more complex fourth and fifth grade words. This grid includes forwards, backwards, and diagonal words.

 Fourth and fifth grade word search spelling practice


You can find spelling word lists for all grades at this website: http://www.k12reader.com/first-grade-spelling-words/


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